Our facilities

What to expect at our resort!

Our Saltwater Pool

The pool is a special saltwater pool, of 10.5 m x 5.5 m and a depth of 1.5 m there is no chlorine added, only special salt for saltwater pools, so the water feels softer, no red eyes or allergic reactions. So if you decide to spend a day "at home" at our resort there are plenty of sunbeds at the pool for sunbathing and if the sun is too much you can enjoy our quiet lounge music in the shade under our palapas!

Reading books or library and the morning paper

We have a wide selection of books at our resort, we now have over 150 books to relax by the pool or on the beach. On average there are about 20 books per bungalow or apartment ready for you. If you have read them all or if you want to swap we always have extra books ready for you! We also put the "Antiliaans Dagblad" the morning paper every day (except Sunday) for you at the Palapa at our pool so you are always aware of the latest news on our Dushi Korsou!

Tropical Garden

The entire resort is planted with a wide variety of tropical plants, shrubs, palms and flowers all found here on our beautiful Curaçao. The gardens are landscaped so as not to attract too many mosquitoes and other pests.

What do we do about mosquito control at our resort!

We have the system "zika 2 go" at all bungalows and apartments this is to control the tiger mosquito for prevention of the diseases: Dengue, Zika, zikungunya. If you want more information about this system please check the website www.in2care.org . We also treat the resort 2 or 3 times a year with the grounds for pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and other insects.


We have also hired a professional service from Jan thiel Security, this company drives around Jan thiel 24 hours a day. We have put their phone number on a business card, which we will give you upon your arrival. Should you feel uncomfortable for any reason you can always call on them (and of course always on us!)

Barbecuing at our resort

We have a B.B.Q. purchased and placed at the pool, which all our guests may use. Before using the B.B.Q. please check if it is free and clean it yourself afterwards.

Snorkeling supplies

We offer a number of diving goggles and flippers, swimming shoes for your use free of charge, however, gone = gone!

Therapeutic Mattresses:

All beds in the apartments and bungalows are equipped with very comfortable therapeutic mattresses so that you can sleep well at night and wake up refreshed and rested every morning. If you still have problems with your back, we have an extra mattress available for you.

Groceries will be ready and "cold" upon your arrival at our resort

If you send us a shopping list of what you think you will need for the first evening and the next morning, we will make sure that your groceries are ready and "cold" in your bungalow or apartment when you arrive at our resort, so you can immediately enjoy your vacation with a refreshing drink and do not have the worry of having to go to the supermarket first.

This service is free of charge (except of course for the groceries).

What can you expect from us on arrival

Upon your arrival we always have the following ready for you:
Fresh cold water in the refrigerator, some tea bags, some coffee filters, salt and pepper shaker, 1 toilet roll (toilet paper you must then purchase yourself) dishcloth, sponge, matches, dish soap, some dishwashing cubes for the 1st days for the dishwasher, a garbage bag, hand soap clothespins, hand and tea towels, plenty of towels and beds made.

Extra large beach towels:

We also offer large beach towels for the beach and poolside. This will save you a lot of space in your suitcase! The beach towels are also changed during your stay.

Transfer Service

We have purchased a passenger van especially for our guests, with which we can offer guests a transfer to and from Hato. Cost 50, - euro for a return trip, if a rental car is booked through us, the transfer is free. This is a much used service, so you don't have to drive yourself (in the dark) to Panache resort after a tiring journey. If the rental car is booked through us it will be delivered to Panache resort.

Welcome Book:

We have in all our apartments and bungalows a welcome book, here we have lots of tips, facts etc. in it. Be sure to read it! But of course we are ready for you with advice about our beautiful island and its many restaurants, happy-hours and beaches!